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Until now, when flanges were fused together due to corrosion or internal friction, or difficult to split apart due to a lack of lifting or pulling power, there was - put bluntly - nothing much anyone could do without incurring huge expense, work stoppages and costly delays.

Not any more! Now there is a fast, effective and cost-saving solution - ThinJack®

ThinJack is a unique splitting and separating system that can effectively separate flanges, pipeline coatings and other heavy components. The paper-thin "ThinJack" steel envelope, which is less than 3mm thick, is inserted between the two items requiring separation, then "inflated" with pressurized fluid, causing the two plates to separate.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, ThinJack Ltd provides the ThinJack flange separation service on a global basis, either directly or through its global network of trained technicians, representatives and partner organizations. Our Clients include companies operating in the international on- and offshore oil and gas production industry, petrochemical refineries and plants, and pipeline construction and maintenance.

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